Guardians of the Code is a Literate Warrior Cat Roleplay group. This is a group for those members on to come and Roleplay.

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    Forum Rules

    Post by Kitai473 on Tue Sep 16, 2014 11:41 pm

    1. Respect all members of the group. Do not bully or fight with others and if you have a problem with one of the members relating to the group, please consult the founder of the group.

    2. No God Modding or Over Powered characters. Keep your characters within decent power bounds to make battles and training fair. Cats will not usually be able to hunt down more than three pieces of prey successfully in a day so keep that in mind.

    3. No Spam Threads or Advertising Threads.

    4. All Out of Character (OOC) threads should be labeled as such in the Topic Title.

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