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    Asterclan Patrol (Open)


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    Asterclan Patrol (Open)

    Post by Kitai473 on Mon Nov 17, 2014 12:35 am

    OOC: This Roleplay will start out in Asterclan. When we reach borders, I will open the roleplay for the other clans.)

    BIC: Solsticestar rose silently from her nest, sweeping her tongue over her pelt a couple of good times before padding out of her den into the clearing. The crisp leaffall air was rather frigid this morning, a small breeze sweeping past and causing the small cat to shiver slightly. Solsticestar gazed around the clearing, sitting and curling her tail around her paws as she slowly pulled herself into full consciousness. She blinked a few times, then parted her jaws in a small yawn.

    It was dawn and the clearing seemed lifeless. She sighed softly, looking at the freshkill pile. The pile was good for now... it'd need to be restocked probably around dusk. What needed to be done was a border patrol. Being leaffall, there was no doubt some of the border scent had been covered by the falling Timberclan leaves that blew around the ridge. Solsticestar stood, going to the high stump and looking down at the clearing once more. Finally she called out. "I need cats to accompany me in a border patrol," she yowled out, hoping to stir some of the sleeping cats.

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    Re: Asterclan Patrol (Open)

    Post by DragonriderSC on Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:28 am

    Comettail was in an awful mood he had just finished scolding one of the apprentices for pestering the elders with their pointless squabbling. Instead of apologizing and feeling regret for what they did they had instead chose to talk back to him over stepping their place , he was absolutely fuming and had sentenced the apprentice to elder tick duty for the next quarter moon.

    He was about to head back into the warriors den when he heard Solsticestar call out, he looked up curiously at her contemplating on whether or not he should go. He was still feeling agitated but perhaps he would feel better after some quality time with his clanmates out in their territory, still skeptical he forgot to account the fact that this patrol was going to be lead by Solsticestar.

    Comettail enjoyed being in her company and knew for sure he would feel calmer after spending some time with her, and beside he was her deputy now he needed to show his loyalties and devotion. He had obligations to attend to now he couldn't just sleep off some petty argument. He narrowed his eyes determinedly and made his way towards his leader " I'd be more then happy to join" he bowed his head and added "if you'll have me join that is"

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